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Cool Easyjet campaign to inspire girls

EasyJet has launched a national campaign to inspire more girls to become airline pilots. In a recruitment film released, the airline reimagined a famous scene from Hollywood movie Catch Me If You Can where Leonardo DiCaprio impersonated a high-flying pilot in an airport. Read the whole article here: https://femalepilothub.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/50SKYSHADES.com-easyjet-launches-campaign-to-recruit-female-pilots-of-the-future.pdf  

Pink Pilot Logbook

I recently bought a new pilot logbook and this one is pink! I do have a digital one as well, but I really like to have a paper one to flip through. I bought is at Amazon for $10,95.

Choosing a Flight School

Choosing a Flight School The first big decision you will be making towards your goal of becoming an airline pilot is choosing where you will be doing your training. Getting informed is very important, as not every flight school is as good as the other. You will probably be paying a huge amount of money, […]

First Commercial Take-Off

My first take-off with passengers on board After weeks of training in the simulator in Stockholm and base-training in Chateauroux, it was time to get into an aircraft with passengers on board. My first line training session was about to begin. At home I triple-checked if I didn’t forget any of my uniform items. Scarf, […]

A Little Girls’ Dream

A little girls’ dream Yes, I already wanted to be a pilot since I was a little girl. Countless times I went to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol with my dad to spot airplanes. Even in wintertime, even when it was raining, we were there. I couldn’t stop being amazed by the power, the sound and the […]