Loss of Licence insurance

Loss of licence insurance: worth taking one or not?

It might not be something you want to think about, but what happens…
03/02/2020/by Kassandra

Medical Licence issues for pilots Facebook group

I hope none of you have to deal with this, but with so many pilots…
12/12/2019/by Kassandra
My Boeing 737 Type-Rating

My Boeing 737 Type Rating

13/11/2019/by Kassandra

Financing flight school: my out-of-the-box journey

Read my blog here! https://www.pilotmenu.com/article/financi…
14/05/2019/by Kassandra

I’m being interviewed by a 6-year-old girl about being a pilot!

29/04/2019/by Kassandra

Malaysia Airlines introduces first female pilots

KUALA LUMPUR: Four Malaysians have become the first female pilots…
04/01/2019/by Kassandra

Why airlines need more female pilots to take to the skies

The number of women working as pilots in the UK is shockingly…
10/12/2018/by Kassandra

Female pilots taking off: Women have been flying for Lufthansa for 30 years

Lufthansa is celebrating a very special anniversary in August:…
09/11/2018/by Kassandra

I just came back from Berlin to instruct a few days of MCC in the Boeing 737 simulator and I felt really grateful. Why?

After I did my last flight as a first officer on the Boeing 737…
31/10/2018/by Kassandra

My Point Of View From 38.000 ft | Maria Pettersson | TEDxVicenza

31/10/2018/by Kassandra

One Girl’s Future in the Skies

29/10/2018/by Kassandra

Quote Amelia Earhart

“I believe that a girl should not do what she thinks she should…
11/10/2018/by Kassandra

Interview – Eva Gutiérrez: Eurocopter & Patrulla ASPA Display Pilot

09/10/2018/by Kassandra

Female pilots flying high around the world | Emirates Airlines

07/10/2018/by Kassandra

Interview – Melanie Astles: A320 & Aerobatics Pilot

11/09/2018/by Kassandra

Cool Easyjet campaign to inspire girls

EasyJet has launched a national campaign to inspire more girls…
07/09/2018/by Kassandra

Quote Bessie Coleman 2

“I made my mind up to try. I tried and was successful.”

07/09/2018/by Kassandra

World’s first certified armless pilot: Jessica Cox

Born without arms, Jessica Cox flies airplanes, drives cars,…
06/09/2018/by Kassandra

Janine Shepherd: A broken body isn’t a broken person

Aspiring Olympic skier Janine Shepherd was nearly killed when…
02/09/2018/by Kassandra

Quote Bessie Coleman

“I decided blacks should not have to experience the difficulties…
31/08/2018/by Kassandra

Funny MCC / Boeing cockpit

28/08/2018/by Kassandra

Aviation: Heather Gomer at TEDx

Heather Gomer served in the U.S. military for five years as an…
27/08/2018/by Kassandra

Choosing a Flight School

Choosing a Flight School
The first big decision you will be…
15/01/2018/by Kassandra

First Commercial Take-Off

My first take-off with passengers on board
After weeks of training…
15/01/2018/by Kassandra

A Little Girls’ Dream

A little girls' dream
Yes, I already wanted to be a pilot since…
14/01/2018/by Kassandra

Quote Amelia Earhart 2

“There’s more to life than being a passenger.”

~ Amelia…
27/08/2014/by Kassandra