Choosing a Flight School

The first big decision you will be making towards your goal of becoming an airline pilot is choosing where you will be doing your training.
Getting informed is very important, as not every school is as good as the other. You will probably be paying a huge amount of money, so make sure it is well spent.

Your first step is Google. Look for schools in your country and beyond. Being flexible is necessary in the airline industry, so why not start right away.

Read about how the school’s training program is set up and what you will have covered when you graduate. Is it an integrated ATPL, an MPL, a modular course? Do you get to fly a lot of single engine or are you almost going straight into in the simulator? Do they include MCC and JOC? Maybe even a type-rating.
There are several ways to get to that right seat, get information on all of them.

Also very important: where do their students end up? What percentage gets a job as a commercial pilot? How long does it take? Do they help you with finding a job? Do they supply pilots to certain airlines?

These are all questions you can ask when you go to visit schools at information days. This gives you a chance to talk to actual students, see the facilities & have a look at their fleet. For me, the feel of a place is also very important. Is this where I see myself studying and flying in the next 18-24 months?

Another aspect that you have to take into account is the price of the training. What am I paying and what do I get for that price? With or without accommodation? Hoe many exams are included? There are very big differences around, so be thorough.
Check if they have connections with certain banks that provide pilot loans without ridiculous demands of security.

It’s quite a lot of research, but it is not a decision you should make overnight. Take your time and include your parents/guardians/friends into the whole process.

And how exciting is it when you find The One! Another step closer towards your dream….
Good luck!