Live Aviation Webinars

  • EAWC – European Aviation Wellbeing Committe

    Topic: Mind, body, emotions. Is it ok not to be ok?
    Description: I am honoured to have our Team Leader Captain Duarte Lopes welcoming Guest, Captain Owen Sims FRAeS & Human Factors specialist for our special Industry Interview series. An insightful & honest conversation with the reality of how we really feel. Do not miss this opportunity to engage and meet Owen. Be part – Take Part Created by Aviators for Aviators
    June 2nd | 13:00 UTC
    Zoom: Meeting ID: 838 3580 1324 Password: 1969147

  • Resilient Pilot

    We Are Hummingbird: Mental Health For Pilots.
    We are Hummingbird is a community of music lovers who have united to spread awareness of mental health by using music as a platform to encourage people to open up and engage in conversation. Ian, will be presenting our Webinar that focusses on strategies we, as pilots can adopt.
    3rd June | Time: 15.00-16.00 BST (16.00-17.00 CET)

  • mindFly

    Mindfullness in Aviation
    100T error in weight used for aircraft takeoff performance calculation! Mindfulness in aviation.
    4th June | Time: 7:30 CET (5:30 UTC)
    Zoom: Meeting ID: 163 452 7989

  • AIR Convention

    Digital Week is the most significant online aviation conference and networking platform out there. During five days of fruitful discussions, invited experts will talk over the most effective ways of recovery for the aviation business amid the COVID-19 outbreak.
    Stay home and join aviation market experts for unique online experience!
    June 15th – 19th | 2 pm (CET) (FREE)

Aviation Webinars
Aviation Webinar

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