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  • Resilient Pilot

    Pilot’s Transferable Skills
    Resilient Pilot Mentor Tiina and B777 training co-pilot Andy Perkins, CEO of TurnPoint Ltd, will be hosting a webinar on pilot’s transferable skills and how they can be applied to non-flying roles in a practical way. They will also be discussing how to keep current when not flying.

    August 5th | Time: 16.00-17.00 CET

  • Aviation Job Search

    How to write a LinkedIn profile to secure a better and higher paying job.
    Imagine applying for a job online, getting past the automated software that checks your CV for relevance, getting past the recruiters keen eye, impressing the hiring manager with your CV, only to fail at the final hurdle because your LinkedIn profile let you down! Having a great LinkedIn profile is not optional, it is essential. The webinar will give you the blueprint to create a LinkedIn profile that won’t let you down; in fact, one which will actively promote you and attract more opportunities.

    August 4th | Time: 20:15 CET
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Aviation Webinars
Aviation Webinar

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After I did my last flight as a first officer on the Boeing 737 four years ago, the world sort of stopped turning. Loosing your medical license is not something you expect at the age of 32 and I had a lot of trouble letting go of my flying career. My heart is in aviation The first 1,5 years after […]


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